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8 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media

Do you know that it’s up to five times more expensive to get new students as it’s far to retain the current ones? If that’s not enough reason to aim for brand loyalty, you also have a 60-70% chance of cross-selling or up-selling anything to the existing students, as compared to a 5-20% chance to new students.

But how do you get a loyal student & parents?

If you need students to come back to your institute, you need to hook up with them in meaningful ways. Social media is a suitable platform to build these relationships.

Social media is a medium for connecting with your target audiences, whether that’s through replying in comment threads or promoting an offer to repeat students.

Use these eight strategies in this guide to foster brand loyalty on all of your institute’s social accounts.

1) Be Responsive

Parents or students often ask questions or leave comments on social platforms, whether or not that’s commenting via Facebook or TikTok. While you may not able to respond to every comment, it’s vital to engage with as many as possible. Why? Because responsiveness shows that you care about their needs, which builds your brand loyalty.  In fact, 72% of millennials said they might be more loyal to a brand that responded to them. On the flip side, being unresponsive can lower your brand loyalty

2) Share Positive Customer Feedback

When parents or students leave a sparkling review, don’t keep the first rated comments to yourself. Share the input publicly on your social media accounts (with the permission). By posting tremendous reviews, you’re likely to draw new students and reinforce exiting students trust in your institute. This is because of social proof, the psychological phenomenon of student’s & parent’s tendency to follow the crowd. In the case of an educational institute, people place a high value on the opinions of other parents & students.

It’s OK to ask for positive reviews directly. When parents or students leave a positive comment about your institute on your social media page, reply back or send a direct message thanking them for their comment and asking them to share it among others. You can then share their review across various other social platforms too

3) Share User-Generated Content

Another way to build brand loyalty through social proof is by way of sharing user-generated content (UGC). UGC refers to photos, videos, and different content that students learn after being associated with your institute. Eg: ask the scholar to write about sports or annual day, their projects, assignments & other innovative activities. Invite parents to tag your brand and use branded hashtags so that you can locate UGC  easily and share it on your page

4) Keep Customers within the Loop

Make your parents & students feel like they’re a part of the institute via keeping them up to date about what’s occurring at your institute and taking them “behind the scenes.” Since 63% of parents opt for brands that are sincere and transparent. Being open about your operational practices is a great way to encourage a positive brand relationship.

Your social media channels are the perfect platform for taking your followers behind the scenes. You can post walk-throughs of your teaching, interview staff or students, show pictures or videos of your institute, or share occasions, days & celebrations happing within your institute.

5) Be Open about Your Values

Share your institute’s fundamental principles and you’ll encourage brand loyalty from parents & students. Create posts about causes and charities which can be close to the heart to reveal what your brand stands for. Eg: The institute that regularly posts about environmental advocacy, informing followers about current events and clearly illustrating that their institute cares about the environment. Eg: adopting paperless operations & other online medium.

Whatever your brand’s issue is, always be real with your advocacy. Don’t just say what you think your target audience wants to hear. Today’s target audience is discerning, so they’ll be able to tell if your value-driven posts are genuine.

6) Partner with an Influencer

More than half of social media users choose to get institute related information from influencers rather than directly from brands. Students trust influencers and look to those institutes. Influencer in case of educational institute can be principal, staffs or ex-students

7) Use Ads to Promote Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is developed over the time. The better is your teaching and students scoring excellent result, the more loyal the students will become. Through Ad your content & value  reached to large number of audience creating your brand awareness. Once the ad template is ready, Facebook’s algorithm will pick relevant content material to show to your target audience, based on their affinity & behaviour.

8) Retarget Users with Custom Audiences

Once students/parent are aware of your institute, keep your institute at the pinnacle of their mind with retargeting. Retargeting is when you display ads best to students/parents who’ve expressed interest in your institute. With retargeting, you can give folks who understand your brand the motivation they need to come back and take admission within your institute. For example, you may use a retargeting ad to offer an exceptional deal or you may use retargeting to promote a price drop. You can choose precisely who to show these ads by way of building a custom audience for your ad campaign.

By giving students & parents a purpose to choose you (repeatedly) over other institutes, you are working to build brand loyalty for your institute.

Remember, though, that building brand loyalty is an ongoing process. Try different combos of these strategies to see what your parents & students respond to, and refine your method to awareness on the approaches that work best. Over time, you’ll increase engagement throughout your social media platforms through constant experimentation.

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