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Impact on the student due to sudden postpone in the examination

What happens when a sudden and unexpected postponement in the board examination occurs? What will be an impact on students due to sudden postponement? What will be the role of educational institute management providing assistance to the students? These are the questions that come to our mind when major exams get postponed due to unavoidable reasons.

This happens when examinations are postponed by the Boards or Universities only under unavoidable circumstances like exam postponement due to violence, natural calamities, outbreak of epidemics, Copvid 19 pandemic etc its cause child’s career or decision at stake.

This situation has been affecting millions of students in India. If the board exam is postponed, a lot of studies and efforts will be wasted as they will not get enough time to prepare for the other examination. The postponement of examinations will have an adverse impact on the study plan of the students who are aspiring for other entrance examinations (CBSE National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main).)

Over the decades, exams have evolved to ask questions which enable students to demonstrate their ability to analyse information and to apply their knowledge and understanding, as well as recall concepts and principles.

How would students feel when they came to know just a day before that their exams got postponed which they have prepared day and night?

When a sudden and unexpected postponement occurs, it not only contributes to a greater burden for the student but also contributes difficulty for the students to remain motivated. Sometimes students get lost in their own thoughts, lose their calm, and become stressed. These feelings and emotions can cause students to become distracted.  It can disturb the routine of a student. Once the student starts preparing for exams with a particular date in mind, getting an extended period will in all probability demotivate them and they lose their momentum gained so far.

Sometimes social media also plays an important role in spreading rumours, in such cases many students can reach out directly to the board, sharing how the rumours of exams being cancelled are spreading in the area.

Impact on students due to sudden postponement in board examination is not a rare problem that happens to a few students. This problem is happening to a large number of students each year and if you have an opportunity to speak to a teacher or a relative of a student suffering from the problem. In most cases, the students do not prepare adequately for future exams and the stress levels rise to the highest levels. The tension levels are out of control and the students start worrying. That is when the anxiety can build up into a full-blown panic attack.

In many cases, parents must be aware of the fact that there are schools that are suffering from the repercussions of exam postponement. Therefore, they must also be prepared to bear the same.

School and education systems must help the students cope with the pressure. The school management should ensure that they give the students the freedom to prepare well. They should be taught some easy yet very effective relaxation techniques which will reduce stress levels in schools.

The government announced plans to postpone the exam, there has recently been speculation it could be delayed further, as questions are being raised about the safety of moving forward should India continue to record more Covid-19 cases.

So we urged the authorities to be more transparent in their deliberations and to allow candidates sufficient notice to prepare. We also would like to suggest that the Education Administration include syllabus based on stress management must provide classes to the students with some useful tools and relaxation activities which will help them manage the stress levels. The students can use the relaxation techniques when they get stressed to get rid of the tension.

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