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Incredibly simple ideas for kids to learn

Children are largely fascinated by colours, and are completely drawn to their warmth. The children learn and develop in unimaginable ways when they interact with colourful worksheets. Not only do colours provide comfort and encouragement to children, but they also help in emotional development and overall well-being!

Sight Word: He or She

Children with language delays often have difficulty with the pronouns. Start by simply asking your kid: “is that a boy or a girl?” when looking at pictures or pointing out real pictures.  You can tell the boy or girl from family members, friends, familiar people, or pictures of people or characters in books. Keep doing this until your child can accurately tell you he is for boys and she is for girls when you ask.

Animal vocabulary

When we teach children about animal names and their sounds, we're not only teaching them about the many sounds but also about our culture and the world we live in. Animal vocabulary boosts your child's ability to build and understand instructions, but surprisingly, it can help him express his emotions when words can't.

Precautions during the Monsoon Season

Precaution means exactly what it sounds like. The prefix pre- means before, and caution means careful use in the face of danger. People use glasses when they're on a computer as a precaution because there are links to long hours on a computer and vision damage. A fire drill is a precaution in case of a real fire. In the same way this resource provides details on the precautions being taken during rainy seasons.

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