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Try these great digital strategies for assessment

Educators can make their instruction more effective and provide practice linked directly to progress monitoring and formative assessment results using a number of free digital tools.

Teachers can also take advantage of time-saving features such as automatic grading and the computerized compilation of points awarded for correct answers so that test administration takes less time and there is more time teaching

Microsoft Forms for Education can be used to develop quizzes and other assessments quickly and easily, while incorporating features that enable students to make continued progress, and also saving teachers time needed to evaluate and utilize assessment results.

Using Forms, educators can create their own questions, identify the correct answers, assign point values for each answer, and customize the next step for students based on their answers. An easy-to-use navigation system lets educators choose different types of questions, such as multiple choice or text.
There’s also a Math Intelligence feature that can suggest related questions, which can be used to create worksheets related to the questions for students who need additional practice.

how students can use a digital app called Flipgrid to document their learning and demonstrate their progress in unique ways. Flipgrid divides a screen into a series of rectangles, each of which can contain different topics or show a sequential progression. And each of the rectangles can contain different media, such as videos, text, or drawings.
Using this tool, students can respond to prompts in their own ways and in a variety of ways. They can document their individual learning pathways independently. 
This type of documentation can be especially helpful for students who may be reluctant to participate in class discussions due to shyness, limited English proficiency, or special needs, but who may feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and knowledge in a safe environment via a digital format

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